Vaccinations are very important to every pet’s health. Vaccines stimulate immunity to the diseases that pets encounter on a regular basis and protect your pet from infection. Vaccinations appointments are always available and are made throughout the week.

Blood Testing
The Roan Mountain Animal Hospital offers state of the art blood panels and other testing to our clients here in our hospital. Other lab services are provided by Idexx Laboratories.

Spay and neuter procedures as well as other surgical procedures are scheduled Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. All pets are provided with safe and effective pain medications as needed during and after surgical procedures.

Radiology employs the use of imaging to diagnose disease. Radiology is provided on site and results are available within minutes.

Intensive Care Services
If your pet is ever in need of intensive care treatment, special intensive care facilities are available in the main treatment area and are continually attended by a veterinary professional. If you pet needs 24 hour uninterrupted care, we refer to two excellent after-hours emergency clinics in this area.

Dental Services
Dental cleanings are an important way to keep your pet healthy and are scheduled daily. Dental extractions are also available as needed.

House Calls
We offer house calls for routine vaccinations and heartworm tests from the Johnson City, TN to Boone, NC area. We can provide equine vaccinations and Coggins testing for horses in Tennessee at this time.